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1500 Watt Band Heater for Moonshine Kettle

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1500 Watt Band Heater for Moonshine Kettle

Stainless Steel band heater for Brewhaus 8 and 15 gallon Premium Kettles

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1500 Watt Band Heater for Moonshine Kettle

Band heaters are a more efficient heating method than electric hotplates. They also reduce the risk of scorching by lowering the heat density and moving the heat from the bottom of the kettle, where particles will settle, to the sides of the kettle. The weight of a complete moonshine still is not an issue when using a band heater, unlike a hotplate, which can be crushed under the weight of a full kettle.

These band heaters are specifically made to fit Brewhaus 8 gallon and 15 gallon premium kettles. Because they wrap around the kettle, the diameter of the kettle must match the band heater precisely. We cannot guarantee that our band heaters will fit any type of kettle other than Brewhaus kettles.

Note: Band heaters are electric heating elements, and they will short out if you get them wet.


Made of stainless steel, matching the finish on your kettle
13.98″ x 2.36″ (355mm x 60mm)
Lower risk of scorching than an internal heating element

Always place your kettle on a heat tolerant surface when heating.
A 2″ distillation column requires one band heater regardless of whether you are using an 8-gallon or 15-gallon kettle.
A 3″ column with an 8 gallon kettle requires one band heater. A 3″ column with a 15 gallon kettle may require 2 band heaters to bring it to a boil and then cut to one band heater during distillation.
A 4″ column with a 15-gallon kettle may require 2 or 3 band heaters, depending on additional factors.

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