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Essential Extractor PSII High Capacity Complete – 3″

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Essential Extractor PSII High Capacity Complete – 3″

The 3″ Essential Extractor Pro Series II High Capacity unit offers all of the benefits of our standard Pro Series II unit, but with the ability to distill at over twice the speed of 2″ diameter systems!

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Essential Extractor PSII High Capacity Complete – 3″

3″ High Capacity Column

The column for our 3″ High Capacity unit is the very same that we supply to small-scale distilleries and for use as a laboratory unit in large distilleries. No other increased size column available to the home user has this background!

Our 3″ High Capacity Pro Series II unit uses a larger column than our standard Pro Series II unit, with increased cooling capability and an extended condenser to ensure efficient operation with the increased distillate volume. The High Capacity unit is capable of distilling at more than twice the speed of standard 2″ distillation units while maintaining the highest possible purity!

Because of the size of this unit, more input heat is required (minimum of 1500W or use of gas heat recommended).

Just as with our standard Pro Series II system, the 3″ Essential Extractor Pro Series II High Capacity is a reflux distillation unit incorporating our Pro Series Cooling System and a 2-piece column for the greatest versatility. By placing the cooling lines near the top of the distillation column, reflux is created where it is intended- at the top of the tower. This allows for the most effective use of the column filling by causing the refluxed liquid to flow down through it, resulting in a cleaner distillate. Crossing the cooling lines instead of leaving them parallel results in a much more efficient cooling system, requiring less cooling water while maintaining effectiveness. And, by having the cooling system in direct contact with the rising vapour you achieve a far more efficient and effective cooling than systems that surround a column with a cooling water jacket. The slow heat transfer rate through the thick column wall is much less efficient, and concentrates all of the cooling ability around the outside of the column. The result of jacketed columns is liquid channeling down the walls of the column, while not cooling the majority of the vapour as it is not in contact with the column wall. While such a system may operate faster, it is at the expense of quality.

The two-piece column – another Brewhaus innovation – allows the top portion of the column to attach directly to the kettle, giving you a true Pot Distillation column, without having to purchase another column separately.

Solid Stainless Steel construction, using only dairy-quality beverage tubing and high-grade custom kettle components. We do not use utility pails or dairy milk cans for our kettles, which are not intended for welding or heating


Runs in reflux mode or pot distillation mode
3″ in diameter, making it capable of distilling at more than twice the speed of standard 2″ columns
Over 4′ in total height
Made of dairy grade Stainless Steel beverage tubing
Can be packed with either copper mesh for distilling alcohol, or ceramic Raschig rings for distilling water or essential oils


8 Gallon Stainless steel kettle
2 piece 3″ distillation column for use as a reflux column or pot distillation column
2 – stainless steel tri-clamps
2 – EPDM chemical tolerant gaskets
1 – O-ring for attaching to a standard US beer keg
Hoses with Hose Clamps
Submersible pump
Water control system
Copper column packing
Pure Tan gum bung
Laboratory grade thermometer


To heat this unit with an 8-gallon kettle:
one Stainless Steel Band heater or
one Stainless Steel Cartridge heater.

To heat this unit with a 15-gallon kettle:
two Stainless Steel Band heaters or
two Stainless Steel Cartridge heaters, or one of each.

For column packing, choose the ceramic raschig rings for distilling water or essential oils, and copper mesh for distilling alcohol.

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