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Acrylic Test Jar 10″

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Acrylic Test Jar 10″

7 oz – 200 ml

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Acrylic Test Jar 10″

ONE-piece moulded hydrometer jar is made with alcohol resistant plastic.

It can be used for everything, wine, beer, and liquids with high levels of alcohol.

Made out of FOOD GRADE materials. BPA Free.

Stable base and wide cylinder for accurate measurements.

This Testing Jar could replace glass hydrometer jars.
Its wide base makes it more stable.
No worries about the hydrometer sticking to the walls. The tube is wider allowing more accurate readings.
Easy to clean with a beer brush.
Since there is no glue (it is a ONE-piece testing jar), there will be no leaks at all.

Maximum Temperature: 75 °C (167 °F).

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