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Activated Coconut Carbon 1.7L

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Activated carbon made from coconut shell is the best carbon for neutral alcohol production, but it is more difficult to prepare before you use it. When rinsed properly, coconut carbon often has 2-3 times the ability of other types of carbons. Brewhaus’ Activated Coconut Carbon is made to be used for activated carbon filtration in order to produce a pure, neutral spirit such as vodka.

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You must fully rinse your coconut carbon prior to use because if not properly rinsed, coconut carbon can actually REDUCE the distillate quality, leaving a white deposit in the alcohol. If you properly rinse the carbon by following the directions in the link below, the problem will disappear by itself. To be extra sure, you can first filter an extra 10 liters of water through the carbon bed before filtering your alcohol.

0.4 – 0.85mm (20 x 40 mesh)

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