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Fermentation Brew Belt

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Fermentation Brew Belt

Wraps around your plastic fermenter to help maintain a warm and consistent temperature.

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Fermentation Brew Belt

This standard voltage, 25-watt Brew Belt is an electric heating band that adjusts to fit around plastic fermenters 5-9 gallons. Designed to help maintain minimum fermenting temperatures, the Brew Belt raises the temperature 10 degrees above the room’s ambient temp, making it perfect if you are fermenting in your basement and need just a bit of extra heat when the temperature drops.


25W electric heat
Raises temperature 10 degrees from room temp

For use with plastic fermenters ONLY. Not recommended for use with glass carboys.
If you need more than a 10 degrees increase in heat, check out the immersible FermHeater.
Yeast Fermenting Quick Guide:

High Spirits Turbo 48 Turbo Yeast: 86-100 F
High Spirits Turbo 24 Turbo Yeast: 86-100 F
Prestige 8kg Turbo Yeast: 75-80 F
Prestige Turbo Pure 48 Turbo Yeast: 68-86 F
Prestige Black Label Turbo Yeast: 68-86 F
Prestige Batch Yeast: 68-83 F
Black Bull Turbo Distillers Yeast: 68-82 F

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