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Ceramic Raschig Rings – 1 Litre – 6 mm

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Ceramic Raschig Rings – 1 Litre – 6 mm

Ceramic Raschig Rings- 1L 6mm. Raschig Rings are an excellent column filler due to their large surface area.

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Ceramic Raschig Rings – 1 Litre – 6 mm


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Ceramic 6x6mm
1L (61 cu. in.)
Made of inert ceramics
6mm x 6mm

Please note that our 6x6mm ceramic raschig rings have over 50% more surface area than the same volume of 1/2″ ceramic saddles. Having a large surface area without reducing the void space too dramatically is extremely important in reflux distillation. Because of the large size and decreased surface area, 1/2″ ceramic saddles are best used only in considerably larger diameter columns.

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