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CocoRum Liqueur Essence – 50 ml

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CocoRum Liqueur Essence – 50 ml

CocoRum liqueur is a pleasant mix of coconut and rum. Drink straight or with ice. Also good in mixed drinks.Similar to Malibu Rum®.

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CocoRum Liqueur Essence – 50 ml

The Original Prestige

50ml bottle makes 1 – 2.25 litre bottle.

Instructions: Pour the contents of this bottle and 360g granulated sugar into a 2.25 litre bottle.
Fill 3/4 full with vodka and shake until the sugar has dissolved. Top up the bottle and shake until the contents have fully blended.

It is easiest to dissolve the sugar in your alcohol by placing both in a blender on high for 2-3 minutes. Fill 3/4 full with vodka. .

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