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Cordial Waters

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Cordial Waters

Author:Volodimir Pavliuchuk.Home distilling was once a prestigious activity associated with high Society. From the 15th to the 18th centuries, stillrooms were an important feature of English manor houses and many books of instructions and recipes were produced by aristocratic hobby distillers. This book takes you on a journey that starts in Mesopotamia around 3500 BC, then through the centuries and around the globe to discover the fascinating story of distilled beverages, their origins and social significance. Included are 260 carefully selected recipes drawn from rare historical sources, updated for the modern reader. Many can easily be made with off-the-shelf ingredients by simply blending and soaking the ingredients in spirits. If you are a hobby or artisan distiller, you will quickly find this book to be one of your most valuable assets.

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Cordial Waters

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1. Historical Background
1.1 Distillation Timeline
Chapter 2. Regional Spirits

Chapter 3. Distilled Spirits
3.1 Spirit Character
3.2 Simple Pot Distillation
3.3 Freeze Distillation
Chapter 4. Flavoured Spirits

4.1 Flavour Extraction Method
4.2 Flavouring Agents
4.3 The Perception of Flavour
4.4 Base Spirits
4.5 Common Base Spirits
Chapter 5. Producing a Base Spirit at Home

5.1 Vodka
5.2 Rum
5.3 Brandy
5.4 Whisky/Whiskey
5.5 Parallel Hydrolysis and Fermentation
5.6 Liquid Sugars
5.7 Fruit Spirits
5.8 Sugar Addition
5.9 Water Addition
Chapter 6. Producing Flavoured Spirits

6.1 Recipes prior to 1800 AD
6.2 Recipes from 1800
6.2.1 Floral
6.2.2 Herbs and Spices
6.2.3 Emulsions
6.2.4 Beans and Nuts
6.2.5 Fruit and Berries
6.2.6 Miscellaneous
Appendix A. Diluting & Fortifying

References & Suggestions for Further Reading


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