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Essential Extractor Thumper for 8 Gallon Kettle

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Essential Extractor Thumper for 8 Gallon Kettle

The Essential Extractor Thumper is made from heavy gauge stainless steel, and is the perfect size for most 5-6 gallon grain distillations. The tall, slim design is optimal for the condensing of incoming vapor, which is necessary for thumper action.

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Essential Extractor Thumper for 8 Gallon Kettle

Distilling with a thumper will give you roughly the same finished product as running a pot distillation twice in order to increase proof and purity. Although it does not double the purity of the distillate, the thumper increases the purity all in one pass instead of having to do 2 separate distillations. You also can use your thumper as a moonshine still by adding copper mesh to the thumper.

What sets Brewhaus’ thumper apart from others is our optimal design. Some thumpers are very wide at the base, like 3-gallon milk cans, which can cause issues because the vapor won’t spend enough time in the liquid to actually get cooled. Our thumpers are designed so that the vapor will spend more time in the liquid in order to get properly cooled. We also have a diffusion screen in our thumpers to reduce the size of the bubbles because smaller bubbles cool faster than larger bubbles.

Made from 304 stainless steel
4″ in diameter
Approx. 15″ in height
Produces roughly the same finished product as running a pot distillation twice
Thumper Includes:

3L Thumper
Diffusion screen to diffuse the incoming vapor, decreasing condensing time and improving thumper performance
4″ Clamp
4″ Gasket

Attachments and connectors for the kettle or condenser
you may require:
1/2″ Clamps
1/2″ Gaskets
2″ or 3″ kettle connection
If you do not already have a 3″ tri-clamp with gasket, or a 2″ tri-clamp with gasket, depending on the size of your kettle connection, please remember to purchase them separately.

A thumper is used in place of a distillation column and does not attach to any column. The thumper goes between the kettle and the condenser and acts as a distillation column itself.

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