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Liquor Quik Chitosan Finnings 1% – 1 litre

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Liquor Quik Chitosan Finnings 1% – 1 litre

A two-part clearing agent for fast, consistent clearing of wine or liquor.
Use LQ Chitosan in conjunction with LQ Kieselsol to help clarify your wine or beer
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Liquor Quik Chitosan Finnings 1% – 1 litre

Chitosan 1% Wine Finings is a positively charged fining and useful in removing tannin, phenols, anthrocyanins, yeast cells, and bacteria.
1 liter (33.8 fl. oz.)

Directions: Gently stir into wine, beer or alco-base at the rate of 150-200 mL/HL (1.5-2 USG/1000 USG).

For best results use in conjunction with Liquor Quik Kieselsol D1 or liquid gelatine. Allow 12-48 hours to clear. Bench trials are recommended.

Contains: Water, chitosan (Shellfish derivative), acetic acid

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