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Making Fine Spirits using simple easy-to-build gear

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Making Fine Spirits using simple easy-to-build gear

Zymurgy Bob was there at the beginning of of the artisanal distillation movement, and way before it started, too. Since 1951, he has been experimenting with fermenting and distilling spirits. since the rise of the internet, he has been moderating forums on small scale distillation and answering thousands of questions. In this book, he shares his wealth of knowledge and experience, beginning with plans to build a small test still in a day, and step by step instructions on how to run it and how to test your processes. Recipes and information follow on how to improve and scale up to whatever size you desire.

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Making Fine Spirits using simple easy-to-build gear

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Distillation – Is it Good? Is it Safe?
What is Distillation?
Is it Safe?
Is it Good?
Is it Legal?
Chapter 2: What Do You Want to Make?
Grouping Distillers
The Azeotrope
“Brown” Liquors
Chapter 3 A Potstill in a Day, for under $30.00

Build a Simple Potstill
Functional Description of the Coffeepot Still
Cooling the Coffeepot Still
Perform the Vinegar Cleaning and Test
Chapter 4 Your First Still Run – Making the Cuts
Your First Still Run
Additional Equipment You’ll Need
Prepare the Collection Glasses
Set up the Still
Set up Your Recording Page
Turn on the Stove Burner
Collect Distillate and Record
Add Alcohol by Volume Values to Your Recording Sheet
Making the Cut
Blend and Dilute Your Brandy
Aging Your Brandy?
Chapter 5 More Still Runs with Coffeepot Still
Making Gin Extract
Making the Gin
Tasting Distinctive Fractions
Turn on the Heat
Making Whiskey
What We’ve Learned From This
Chapter 6 Your First Fermentation

Where Does the Ethanol Come From?
Aerobic (With Oxygen) Yeast Action
Anaerobic (Without Oxygen) Yeast Action
What Stops Yeast Action?
How to Use These Facts
Distilling Your Sugar Wash
What Did We Learn, and What Would We Do Differently Next Time?
Chapter 7 The Next Step – a 5-Gallon Still
The “Next Step Still” Design Criteria
Modified Pressure Cooker Accepts Still Plumbing
The Still Head
The Lyne Arm Assembly
The Liebig Condenser
The Still Boiler and Lid
Forming and Cutting the Liebig Support Hanger
Soldering and Choosing Solder and Flux
Soldering Torches and Techniques
Assembling the Still Head
Assembling the Still
Cleaning and Testing the New Still
Chapter 8 Various Wash Recipes
Single-Malt Whisky Washes, Easy and Harder
The Easy Single-Malt Wash
All-Grain Single-Malt Whisky
The Wonderful MUM Wash
Chapter 9 Aging Your Spirit
General Aging Principles
Historic and Modern Aging
OK, So How Can We Fake It?
Aging Woods and Preparation
Chapter 10 Instruments, Measuring, and Calculating

The Instruments, Their Capabilities, and Their Limitations
The Hydrometer
The Refractometer
The pH Meter
Alcohol by Volume and Alcohol by Weight
Chapter 11 Where Do We Go From Here?
Improving and Enlarging the Still
Bigger and/or Better Boilers
Fancier Still Head Construction
Purchasing a Ready-Made Still
Washes to Distill
Chapter 12 The (Distilling) World at Your Fingertips

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