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Turbo Extreme 23% Turbo Yeast 257 grams

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Turbo Extreme 23% Turbo Yeast 257 grams

by Gert Strand AB. Ferment up to 23% alcohol in 25 liters (larger batches overheat and fermentation stops)

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Turbo Extreme 23% Turbo Yeast 257 grams

The Original Prestige

SUPER PURE FERMENTING TURBO based on new very temperature sensitive yeast strain and new technology.

Temperatures, batch size and instructions must be followed to get the best results. 23% can only be achieved by use of dextrose as sugar, with sucrose it stops at 21.5% (use 9 kg/20lb granulated sugar).

Add hot and cold water to a fermentation bucket until you have exactly 18 litres (4.8 US gallons) with the temperature 40 C (104 F).

Add dextrose monohydrate sugar (10.4 kg/22.9 lb). Stir well, preferably with an electric device, until you have a clear solution.

Add Turbo Extreme 23% to sugar solution.

Optional: For extra purity or if you are making alcobase, add one sachet Liquid Activated carbon (recommended).

Stir well and put lid/fermentation lock on fermentor. Place fermentor where it can foam over. After 3 hours you must gently stir eventual foam into the liquid.

Ferment at air temperature 18-24 C (64-75 F) until fermentation stops, normally 7-9 days (S.Gravity around 0.980). Above 24 C (75 F) air temperature, fermentation will stop too early.

If you are making alcobase: Add 1 sachet of Yeast Stop (wine preservative) and stir for 2 minutes. Finings must be added if activated carbons have been used.

Leave to clear for 2 days or more.

Then siphon the clear liquid, leaving the sediment in the fermentor.

Ingredients: active dried yeast, yeast nutrients, trace nutrients, trace vitamins and minerals

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