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UP Absinthe 55 Strong Pro Essence – 1000 ml

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UP Absinthe 55 Strong Pro Essence – 1000 ml

Absinthe with a very strong taste. Because there is more wormwood – and therefore more wormwood oil – it tastes more bitter than the other Absinthes.

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UP Absinthe 55 Strong Pro Essence – 1000 ml

The Original Prestige

1000ml bottle. Makes 50 750ml bottles.

The Absinthe louche and taste is very strong and unique – probably the world’s strongest Absinthe.

Mix with 60-70% (120-140 proof) vodka. May use 40-50% vodka (80-100 proof) but stronger alcohol content is preferred and less than 45% by volume (90 proof). is definitely not recommended. Store at room temperature.
The colour is dark green.
Thujone content – 55 mg in mixed bottle.

Pour 20ml of the Absinthe 55 Strong Pro Essence into a 750 ml (US 25 fl oz) bottle.
Add 75 grams (2.5 oz) granulated sugar. (Optional, as it will also taste great without any sugar – to suit your taste).
Fill the bottle with 3/4 vodka and shake to mix (until the sugar has dissolved, if sugar is added).
Top up the bottle and continue to shake until the contents have fully blended.

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