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Urban Barrel – 1 litre

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Premium Gator Barrel 1 litre

For a more sophisticated look and big, bold flavours.

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Level up with our premium barrels!

With our Gator Barrel, you get more of everything: more smoke, more oak (double-thickness staves), blackened hoops, upgraded rivets, and for an added touch of class, gold nails on the stand.

But it’s what’s on the inside that counts. While each Urban Barrel has a Level 3 char, our Gator Barrel has a Level 4 char – that’s a full 55 seconds of fire to extract maximum smoky vanilla flavours from the wood.

It’s what’s known as “alligator char.” It creates a rough texture that looks like alligator skin, but those cracks are extra entry points for your spirit to interact with the wood. And a deep roast is what you’re looking for if you want to give your spirit a big colour and flavour boost.

Each Gator Barrel is crafted from 100% Quercus alba (American white oak) that has been seasoned for 12 months.

Note: Each barrel needs to be cured before use.

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